Moscow Fashion Week Concludes With OTYKEN and Russian Fashion Schools Showcase at International RUSSIA Expo

On March 8, the final show of Moscow Fashion Week unfolded at the International RUSSIA Expo. Young designers — students of the Kosygin Russian State University, Moscow Art and Industrial Institute, National Institute of Design, and Online Academy of Branding and Design METRICS presented their collections.

The models showcased collections from up-and-coming designers, accompanied by a live performance from the OTYKEN ethnic group, which includes representatives of Russia's indigenous peoples of Chulym, Ket, Selkup, Khakass, and Dolgan descent. OTYKEN performs globally, with their compositions earning praise from Iggy Pop, Chris Brown, Erykah Badu, Armin van Buuren, DJ Snake, and receiving a nomination in the Grammy’s Global Spin project for their song "Genesis" in 2022.

"Moscow Fashion Week makes a significant contribution to the development of Russia. The designers have done an excellent job, and we wish them continued success. The youth in our country is progressing rapidly," commented Muna, a member of the OTYKEN group.

“The collective fashion show, featuring works by students of the Kosygin Russian State University, is largely connected to Russian culture”, explained Sergey Sysoev, Russian designer and head of the Costume Design Department at the university. "The works are dedicated to the era of Ivan the Terrible, cultural transformations at the beginning of the XXI century, Russian craftsmanship, and space exploration”.

"Today marks the debut of the sophomores of the author master's program, whose students are young designers from across Russia. For two and a half years, they've dedicated themselves to writing dissertations, delving into research on their chosen topics, and discovering themselves as fashion artists. Many of the projects are rooted in Russian cultural identity – a crucial focus, in my opinion. It's vital to showcase our distinctiveness and uniqueness. This is definitely the future of Russian fashion," said Sergey Sysoev.

The show stood out with its dramatic looks and the incorporation of original prints. Mini-collections featured shimmering dresses adorned with fluorescent patterns, quilted jackets with eye-catching patches, multicolored naive outfits reminiscent of folk toys, avant-garde cocoon dresses, coats, and jackets with shining metal accents, as well as snow-white sets resembling the Swan Princess, trimmed with feathers and lace.

Moscow Art and Industrial Institute showcased the top 30 looks from its winter semester show, featuring a diverse range of styles from casual to avant-garde. Trending wardrobe items included corsets, cargo pants, metallic skirts, and fitted tops, including those with a grunge aesthetic. These were complemented by original design concepts such as a form-fitting dress with intricate cutouts, a striking catsuit looking like a spacesuit, a scarlet multi-tiered dress with distressed edges, a voluminous white bomber jacket, and a balloon dress crafted from black patent leather. The show concluded with the models boldly presenting the garments not merely as everyday wear, but as individual works of art.

“Now, we're showcasing our students, each excelling in their own unique way. They teach us new things – bringing fabrics and accessories from all corners of the globe. What's on display here is the culmination of our collective effort, which surprises even us,” remarked Alexey Egorov, the rector of Moscow Art and Industrial Institute.

A group of young designers from National Institute of Design presented mini-collections of original informal pieces, tailored for everyday life. Models strutted down the runway in denim dresses and jumpsuits adorned with accent stitching in contrasting threads, along with hand-dyed garments; futuristic ensembles in black, gray, and silver hues with soft pleats and draping. The overarching theme of the show centered around practical yet distinctively accented total black looks. Eye-catching elements such as large eyelets, ties, and asymmetry made the show interesting and memorable.

Students from the budding Online Academy of Branding and Design METRICS, showcased their adept work with color, shape, and intricate material textures. The collective display featured a blend of fantasy ensembles alongside everyday original designs. Standout pieces included a metallic dress adorned with intricate decorative elements, a vibrant leather jacket layered over a catsuit, sculptural jackets crafted from colored leather, tops adorned with delicate floral embellishments, a neon raincoat, a snow-white asymmetric maxi dress featuring elegant drapery, and a bright scarlet dress with flowing fabric detailing on the back.

KEVIN.MURPHY became the official stylist for Moscow Fashion Week. The brand’s team of professionals created hair styling that aligned perfectly with the concepts and ideas of each designer and show.

Moscow Fashion Week commenced on March 1 with a show at the International RUSSIA Expo, featuring 27 designers. From March 2 to March 8, over 50 Russian brands from 36 cities showcased their collections at the Exhibition site. Promising designers from across the country presented their collections and found potential partners and new customers. In addition to VDNH, the events of Moscow Fashion Week also took place at the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’.

The International RUSSIA Expo showcases the country's most significant achievements, gathered all in one place. Throughout the duration of the Exhibition, guests can enjoy cultural events and a comprehensive business and educational program. Visitors have the opportunity to explore exhibits from 89 regions of Russia, as well as displays from leading federal agencies, corporations, and public organizations. The exhibition has already been visited by more than 8 million people. The International RUSSIA Expo is held at VDNH in Moscow from November 4 to July 8.

Shows at the International RUSSIA Expo, held at Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH, are open to everyone interested. Recordings of the shows are accessible in the official VKontakte community and on the official website of Moscow Fashion Week.

The event is organized by the Fashion Fund with the support of the Moscow Government.