Russian designers presented seven new shows at the International RUSSIA Expo


Moscow Fashion Week is currently underway at the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ and Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH as part of the International RUSSIA Expo from March 1st to 8th. On the sixth day, brands from Voronezh, Kazan, Krasnodar, Kirov, Kyzyl, Perm, and Ulyanovsk showcased their collections.

YUG (Krasnodar)
Krasnodar-based brand YUG presented its collection at Moscow Fashion Week, drawing inspiration from the era of the USSR. Each garment features a bold and striking logo, reminiscent of the slogans seen on Soviet posters. The collection is characterized by vibrant green and toxic pink hues.

DONGAK (Kyzyl)
DONGAK is known for its ethnic style clothing that reflects the national flair, uniqueness, and grandeur of the Republic of Tuva. Designer and ballet master Vyacheslav Dongak brings a fresh perspective to traditional costumes. The fashion show transformed into a spectacular Tuvan-style display on the runway, with clothing presented by members of the creative collective "Edygey." The designer's sewing workshop originated from this dance group 30 years ago.

RASENA from Perm was featured in the fashion show, showcasing its fusion of Slavic cultural elements with contemporary trends. The brand is committed to sustainable fashion practices. Designer Yulia Suntseva believes that seamlessly integrating national codes in a utilitarian and inspiring manner is second nature. The collection predominantly includes mini-length skirts and shorts.

Lamontee_Ell (Ulyanovsk)
The Ulyanovsk-based brand Lamontee_Ell unveiled a women's collection of clothing and accessories named "In Love with Life." Designer Elvira Semenova collaborated with renowned Russian artists Nikas Safronov (Moscow) and Vladimir Rumyantsev (St. Petersburg) to blend their contrasting styles and genres, united by the theme of boundless love for life, creativity, and irony. Corsets, jackets, shirts, bombers, t-shirts, bags, and scarves adorned with unique prints of these prominent artists' paintings transformed into the pieces of art.

MIRBA (Kirov)
The conceptual clothing brand MIRBA from Kirov put emphasis on material selection and punk culture aesthetics in its capsule collection "Pattern," bringing together bold pieces for daring individuals. Through customization, unique items were crafted to highlight the individuality of the wearers.

Tatiana Sulimina (Voronezh)
Designer Tatiana Sulimina, hailing from Voronezh, unveiled her newest collection. Drawing inspiration from female Paleolithic statuettes unearthed at the Kostenki sites in the Voronezh region, she crafted a unique beige-black print. Complementing this print with vibrant hues of red, graphite, and black, the collection showcased women's business attire, featuring three-piece suits and bodysuits. The ensembles were adorned with eye-catching voluminous berets and yellow sunglasses, blending patchwork techniques with an array of textures.

SO Love (Kazan)
The "Colorful Breath" collection by SO Love, a Kazan-based brand, took center stage at the runway, weaving a narrative of spring's rejuvenation and metamorphosis. The collection, curated in shades of cream, blue, rich green, and pink, featured knitted garments with avant-garde silhouettes and textures. Noteworthy pieces included a jacquard trouser suit with a striking silhouette, a cardigan boasting voluminous puff sleeves, and a sheer maxi dress adorned with intricately hand-knitted roses. Enhanced by live flowers, shimmering sequins, artful hairstyles, and flawless makeup, the ensembles exuded the essence of ancient Greek nymphs and nature goddesses, embodying the spirit of inspiration and vitality.

The fashion shows at the International RUSSIA Expo in Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH are open to all visitors. Live streams of the shows can also be watched on the official Moscow Fashion Week website. Recordings of the shows are available on the official VK community. Guests of the event can look forward to around 10 more fashion shows by designers from various regions in Russia. Designers have arrived from Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Elista, and other cities to showcase their collections at Moscow Fashion Week.

Moscow Fashion Week takes place from March 1st to 8th at the prestigious Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ and Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH, serving as the location for the international RUSSIA Expo. The event garnered significant attention, receiving an impressive 1038 applications from designers hailing from 151 cities across 72 regions of Russia.