Shows and lectures on the seventh day of Moscow Fashion Week at the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’


On March 7th, designers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Makhachkala showcased 16 shows at the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’. Additionally, two brands from India presented their collections, and the lecture hall hosted the final three sessions.
On the seventh day, brands from Donetsk, Orenburg, Tver, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and Elista demonstrated their collections at the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” in the 75th pavilion of VDNH.
On the seventh day, brands from Donetsk, Orenburg, Tver, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, and Elista showcased their collections at the International RUSSIA Expo at Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH.

On March 7th, the World Fashion Shorts film festival took place at the ARTPLAY Design Center.
Gods Passion (Moscow)
The latest collection from Gods Passion is a striking representation of symbolism tied to the number 23, with each of the 23 distinct garments in the line embodying individual style, design, and a variety of techniques for prints and decoration. Embracing a bold grunge aesthetic, the collection showcases daring trousers, leather shorts, relaxed leather jackets, and denim jackets with accent inserts, as well as loose hoodies that serve as fashionable highlights of the "23" line. The infusion of symbolism and unique design elements adds depth and character to the collection, creating a cohesive yet diverse range of garments that exude a sense of edgy sophistication.

Kolchuga (Moscow)
The latest collection draws inspiration from the enigmatic garden and the mysteries of the mind. The runway showcased true art pieces adorned with voluminous applications, raw edges, an array of ruffles and flounces, sequins, rhinestones, and satin ribbons. Giant butterflies and abundant roses adorned sheer lace and mesh designs. The interplay of muted and vibrant hues infused the looks with intrigue, while the juxtaposition of matte and glossy textures accentuated their depth and dimension.
This collection is a harmonious blend of artistry and fashion that invites the viewer to explore the beauty and complexity of the designer's vision.

TOPAZA PELLA (Saint Petersburg)
The St. Petersburg-based brand of evening and wedding attire, TOPAZA PELLA, presented a collection that beautifully explores the theme of unity and contrast. The juxtaposition of black and white hues, soft flowing silhouettes paired with sharp lines, resulted in a harmonious and cohesive collection. The showcase featured elegant pantsuits and formal blazer dresses with a touch of ceremonial sparkle, alongside flirtatious ensembles inspired by the iconic New Look style. Standout pieces included small black dresses embellished with white foam flounces, bustier dresses adorned with numerous ruffles, and gothic princess-inspired black dresses featuring stand-up collars and metallic accents, all adding depth and drama to the lineup. The traditional snow-white bridal gowns made a stunning appearance, ranging from structured corset bodices to free-flowing forms, and from floor-length elegance to audaciously short designs, offering a diverse range of options for the modern bride.

The designer clothing brand URBAN ROMANCE, based in Moscow, has introduced a charming collection that radiates a whimsical charm through its delicate hemlines, playful frills, and subtly alluring details. Renaissance-inspired lace blouses, kimono shirts, elegant corsets, bustier dresses, and even denim pieces immediately captivate with their gentle and romantic aesthetic. Each garment is thoughtfully designed to enhance the wearer's silhouette, whether through tailored fits or flowing fabrics, accentuating all the right curves.

General VI (Moscow)
The innovative collection from General VI, a Moscow-based brand, mesmerized even the most discerning audience. Dresses and jackets appeared to defy conventional forms and structures, embellished with unexpected details reminiscent of exotic flowers from distant planets. Starting with a classic puffer jacket as the foundation, the collection underwent a transformation of volumes, lengths, and architectural lines, offering a fresh perspective on this essential piece across a diverse array of looks. Short puffer jackets were juxtaposed with sheer skirts, cargo pants, and velvet boxer shorts. Another focal point of the showcase was the dress - sculpted to hug the figure, featuring a torn" asymmetrical hem or an abundance of ruffles; whether floor-length or cropped, exuding a sporty elegance.

TOOMATCH (Yekaterinburg)
Toomatch is a women's clothing brand that releases seasonal collections twice a year, offering a wide range of clothing items from lingerie to outerwear. The pieces are designed to be mixed and matched. For example, the designer pairs a bralette with a pajama suit, creating a look perfect for city outings. The brand also presented outfits featuring jackets and coats with geometric shoulders, as well as relaxed yet romantic suits paired with skirts in various materials. The standout feature of these ensembles is the top, which is designed in a sporty style and adorned with zippers. These pieces were styled with knitted, semi-sheer, or sparkling skirts. The collection's theme was further highlighted by statement hats.

Kseniia Wang (Moscow)
Designer Kseniia Wang drew inspiration from the architectural landscapes of St. Petersburg and historic Moscow, which was evident in the collection's backdrop—a video showcasing iconic landmarks. The collection was divided into two parts: casual and evening wear. The first segment featured classic slip dresses, minimalist dresses with voluminous sleeves, refined raincoats, knitted tops, and skirts crafted from printed boiled denim depicting meadow flowers. The second segment showcased asymmetrical dresses with flounces, maxi dresses adorned with frills, retro 1950s-style dresses, coordinated sets comprising jackets and floor-length skirts, bustier corsets, and elongated silhouette wedding gowns. The evening palette predominantly featured black and white tones, accented by hues reminiscent of the sky, lilacs, chocolates, and turquoise for everyday wear.

NBC brand (India)
Despite a serene color palette of greys and blacks, the Indian brand's showcase was made vibrant and memorable by intricate draping, asymmetric cuts, and striking makeup. The NBC brand brought their new collection to Moscow, featuring ensembles that could easily fit into the wardrobes of modern Russians. Hoodies, midi-length skirts, sweaters, and dresses, all designed in the brand's unique style and adorned with three-dimensional embroidery, slits, lacing, hand drawings, and other details, are set to add variety and flair to everyday outfits.

LI LAB (Moscow)
LI LAB's new collection is a celebration of audacity and freedom, with each look exuding bold sensuality. The lineup features corseted lingerie dresses, seductive minis with Renaissance-style beaded hems or trailing trains, and high slits as key elements. The garments also channel a gothic aesthetic with bold accents, deconstructed cuts, and a predominance of dark hues.

The new collection "Initiation" by Darya Kipriyanova explores the theme of internal transformation. The garments feature complex architectural cuts alongside fluid lines, layering with sheer fabrics, and a black-and-white palette that blends harmoniously with chaotic design elements. The concept of personal change is further emphasized through choreographic performances by the models, showcasing transformative clothing that allows for quick changes in the overall look. During these performances, a top can effortlessly transform into a skirt, a peplum on pants can become ruffles, and a cropped jacket worn inside out can change color.

Geisha Designs (India)
The new evening wear collection from the Indian brand Geisha Designs draws inspiration from the icy sparkle of crystals. The metallic radiance is brought to life through an abundance of rhinestones and sequins, while dynamic elements like fringes and ruffles create a shimmering effect with movement. The designers skillfully blend traditional uniqueness with a modern aesthetic in this collection, with asymmetric silhouettes reminiscent of Indian saris and contemporary touches like cutouts and sheer fabrics. Alongside women's ensembles, the runway showcased men's trouser suits adorned with crystals for a touch of glamour.

MEASURE (Makhachkala)
The new collection from this Dagestani brand reimagines the significance of history by blending details from traditional attire with contemporary trends. A key feature of the collection is the fusion of different eras and cultures, resulting in garments that combine textured fabrics, oversized cuts, and intricate layering. The runway presentation highlighted a range of pieces including maxi dresses, skirts, wide-leg trousers, long-sleeved tops, blouses, jackets, capes, coats, and a fur coat, all crafted in the finest traditions of modern modest fashion.

TimShee (Moscow)
On the runway, the designer showcased a men's collection that, similar to the women's line, radiated a modern aesthetic influenced by Japanese minimalism. Designer Timur Shibaev explored innovative cuts and forms in this collection. The brand's founder expressed, "In the new collection, I captured the relationship between the inner turmoil of a creative spirit – constantly seeking to break free from constraints – and the journey towards unknown and intriguing realms.

IANIS CHAMALIDY (Saint Petersburg)
The brand's showcase marked the conclusion of the 7th day of Moscow Fashion Week with designer Ianis Chamalidy unveiling the "Art of Living" Spring-Summer 2024 collection. This collection seamlessly blends classic and avant-garde elements, featuring a monochromatic palette of shades and expressive prints. The bold and versatile collection caters to fans of minimalism, classic styles, and those with a more daring approach to fashion. Ianis Chamalidy explained that the collection was inspired by the concept of life unfolding gradually, where a minimal wardrobe can offer maximum versatility, enabling endless possibilities and opening doors to new experiences.

In addition to fashion shows, the Central Exhibition Hall 'Manege' traditionally hosted lectures. On the sixth day, the first session featured a public talk titled ‘The Present and Future of Russian Retail’. Fashion industry experts participating in the discussion included Tatyana Maksimova, editor-in-chief of Voice Shopping magazine and lecturer in Fashion Industry Branding at the HSE Art and Design School; Nikita Shashkevich, head of the Fashion category at Avito; and Anna Petrosyan, head of the OSKELLY Community Marketing Department. The next session, ‘The Last Ball of the Empire: Fashion and Jewelry’, was conducted by fashion historian Anatole Vovque. The final lecture of the seventh day of Moscow Fashion Week, titled ‘National Costume as a Source of Inspiration’, was given by Stanislav Zimin, trend analyst at the Centre for Creative Industries of Lomonosov Moscow State University and editor of the Trendsite agency.

Also on March 7th, the second season of the World Fashion Shorts film festival was held at the ARTPLAY Design Center. Festival guests enjoyed short films by creators from South Africa, North America, Central and Southeast Asia, Russia, and Belarus in a multimedia format. They also attended a public talk titled ‘The Genre of Short Fashion Film: At the Crossroads of Fashion, Cinema, and Video Art’.

Moscow Fashion Week has also introduced special projects in collaboration with VKontakte, the event's official social network. Through the new VK Steps platform, anyone can experience what it's like to be a model. Participants need to complete 64,000 steps, about the same distance models will cover over the eight days of the event, to earn a rare virtual reward.

Moscow Fashion Week, together with the new special project "Fashion Literacy" with Alexey Sukharev, stylist and presenter of the "Fashion Podcast", prepared hangers that were hung on the market open to all comers. Thanks to a special QR code, you can learn more about the history of clothing together with VKontakte and Alexey Sukharev.

Moscow Fashion Week, together with Alexey Sukharev, stylist and host of the ‘Fashion Podcast’, and the new "Fashion Literacy" project, has introduced informative hangers at the open market. These hangers featured a special QR code that allowed visitors to learn more about the history of clothing with VKontakte and Sukharev.

For Moscow Fashion Week, the VK Dating online service has created a special material about how famous designers met their muses. You can read it here: (

You can follow the shows and lectures of Moscow Fashion Week in the official community on VK. The event is organized by Fashion Fund with the support of the Moscow Government.