Moscow Fashion Week runway shows took place at the international RUSSIA Expo

On the final day of Moscow Fashion Week, the spotlight shone on four talented designers hailing from Moscow, Penza, Medvezhyegorsk, and Yakutsk. The models graced the runway at the international RUSSIA Expo, located in Pavilion 75 of VDNH.

Anastasia Ryzhkov, the visionary behind GRUSHEVAYA, sought to capture the allure of Russia's marshy landscapes through her latest collection. The color palette predominantly featured soothing tones like beige and khaki, with vibrant pops of red representing clusters of cranberries, yellow embodying water lilies, and a soft blue evoking dew-kissed moss. The runway dazzled with models strutting in tall rubber boots, accessorized with butterfly nets or plush frogs, all crafted from natural, eco-friendly fabrics.

PAVLOVA DREAM (Medvezhyegorsk)
PAVLOVA DREAM, a burgeoning brand from Karelia, showcased a stunning array of urban chic women's and children's clothing. Designer Yulia Pavlova drew inspiration from the beauty of the modern woman and the essence of her homeland, incorporating traditional crafts and historical motifs into her designs. The runway came alive with models adorned in white linen maxi dresses, intricately detailed with lace and embroidery, followed by elegant A-line dresses in shades of pink and cranberry, featuring voluminous puff sleeves. The show culminated in a sophisticated black trouser suit.

INNIKI (Yakutsk)
INNIKI from Yakutsk captivated the audience with their visionary collection, "Delta," inspired by the winding curves of the Lena River, a breathtaking wonder of Russia. Designer Isabella Dordosova unveiled her groundbreaking approach, transforming intricate natural designs into fashion pieces for both men and women. The collection included capes and jackets crafted from genuine leather, embellished with intricate motifs, and accentuated by geometric patterns, vivid colors, and opulent natural textiles.

Alena Nega (Moscow)
The latest collection "Citrine" from Moscow's brand Alena Nega shines in a vibrant yellow hue. Drawing inspiration from the bright and fresh tones of the citrine gemstone, designer Alena Nega crafted flowing lemon-colored fabrics like sheer chiffon and iridescent organza, juxtaposed with rich dark textures. The fusion of clean lines, graphic elements, and textured cuts creates a harmonious balance of delicacy and boldness. Presenting twenty-one elegant evening ensembles, the designer immersed the audience in a lively summer ambiance with a sunny lemon palette.

KEVIN.MURPHY brand took the spotlight as the official stylist for Moscow Fashion Week, ensuring hairstyles complemented the visions of each designer and show.
The runway shows at the international RUSSIA Expo, held in Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH, welcomed all fashion enthusiasts. Recordings of the shows can be found on the official VK community and Moscow Fashion Week's website.
Moscow Fashion Week took place from March 1st to 8th at the prestigious Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ and Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH, serving as the location for the international RUSSIA Expo. The event garnered significant attention, receiving an impressive 1038 applications from designers hailing from 151 cities across 72 regions of Russia.